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Climbing Out Solutions provides personalized therapeutic support and aims to empower and partner with individuals/families on their journey to natural healing from mental health issues and abuse recovery. Their mission is to encourage a spirit of overcoming, through the use of faith-based principles, counseling, and practical strategies.

Targeting only the female audience, the client wanted to incorporate the concept of 'a woman helping another woman' similar to their older identity but with a simplified approach that helped them look more professional and also at the same time conveyed hope and partnership.

While converting the selected sketch concept to a digital format, a few additional changes were made in the mark that was achieved after a lot of explorations and experimentation in the software as well to make sure that the logo stays meaningful and yet, has an overall balanced look to it. ​​​​​​​ 

The line/outline based style also makes the mark look more friendly and approachable.

The final approved logo is basically a combination of a feminine helping hand holding a lost and hopeless hand along with a rising sun denoting the brighter side of life after recovering, leaves indicating the natural wellness/healing process and with a clever little mountain touch as well that depicts the 'climb' worth overcoming, all put together in a well-thought-out circular format.

The colors are carefully chosen with great meaning as well. The yellow color which is inspired by sunrise denotes – positivity, happiness & energy. Teal emphasizes more on healing, relaxation, calmness, and the flowery pink is chosen to further signify the feminine target audience. 

These cheerful tri-colors used, complement each other quite well and they work with great harmony together, thereby forming a major differentiating factor that helps the brand stand out more in the competitive space.

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