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Atesa Risk Advisors is a boutique insurance and risk management firm based in Miami, FL. They sell insurance products in the property and casualty space and also provide consulting services. The firm has a strategic advantage of being able to provide higher value to clients with a personal touch. 

The team required an updated look for the firm. Having sourced their older logo from a low cost ready-made design service, they weren't quite confident with how it looked and wanted a new logo identity completely designed from scratch that was professional, clean, and helped them stand out more in the digital space especially since insurance firm tends to be a boring topic in general.​​

The primary challenge with the project was to incorporate a tiger as the core element in the mark (as it stands for courage, strength, and power) in a modern and simplistic manner. ​​​​​​​The final solution that was provided is a clever combination of an abstract tiger, shield shape which represents the insurance/security aspect along with the initial letter 'A' from Atesa.

A darker shade of blue is chosen as the primary color which denotes trust, wisdom, confidence, and loyalty.

This in combination with a bright red shade, gives the firm an overall attractive and modern look – especially in the digital space since red is usually the color that represents energy, passion, enthusiasm, and can easily attract one's attention. The brand colors thereby go hand in hand with the values of the firm.

The primary slab serif font chosen helps the firm with a more established look while staying relevant at the same time.

The old logo looked generic, unprofessional, and didn't stand out quite well. It also couldn't be used as a stand-alone mark. These were some of the prime reasons why they felt that they needed a change.

“Shibin was professional and very communicative throughout the entire process. When I first received my logo sketches I was blown away by the creativeness and professionalism provided. Shibin took his time and really hit the nail on the head when designing my firm's logo.

I would recommend Shibin to anyone looking for digital content creation and can assure you, you won't be disappointed."




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